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Names of mushrooms in alphabetical order: BUT B AT R D E F 3 AND TO L M N ABOUT P R FROM T X Ts H W


Category: edible.

Hat (diameter 8-15 cm): usually brownish-brown or olive, shiny in wet weather. It has the shape of a hemisphere, but over time it becomes more flat and pillow-shaped. To the touch a little rough, with slight irregularities. In old mushrooms, the skin shrinks so much that the flesh becomes visible.

Leg (height 4-14 cm): usually brown or tan, darker closer to the ground, noticeably lighter at the hat itself. Thickened to the base, it has the shape of a cylinder.

Pulp: fibrous and stiff, on the cut it quickly becomes pinkish, and then almost black.

Tubular layer: very loose, with small recesses. The pores are small and rounded.

Doubles: edible boletus and inedible bile fungus (Tylopilus felleus) with a characteristic net on the leg.

When growing: from mid-June to early October, in Russia mainly in the Caucasus and in the southern regions.

The photo above shows the mushroom hornbeam, and you can find it in deciduous forests, often in the vicinity of hornbeams, birches and poplars.

Eating: delicious in almost any form.

Application in traditional medicine: not applicable.

Other names: gray birch, elm birch, gray gray.

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